Winter cloth is not enough to stay outside for very long.

24-hour snowball fight: a heat test for heattech.
( to prove how long you can stay outside with heattech.)
(a snowball competition lasting for 24 hours sponsored by Uniqlo heattech.)


The game court set up at the center of the central park in New York city.


The court consists with a game field, a big ice clock, referee and a scoreboard.

The court has
a middle line, boundary line and two restrict zone lines on each side.
The rule is simple:


1.Two teams of three are on the court and players are substitutable.


2. You throw snowballs at the other team until you can't stay on the court anymore.


3.You can't stay in the restrict zone for more than 10 seconds.

As the game starts,(any of our players starts to throw the snowball) the timer counts down from 24:00.

Fitting room

the score counts as the time that players stay on the court for.
the one who stays on the top of the board will be the champion of the game and win our grand prize of golden snow ball award and 5000$.

We will set up two fitting rooms that contains both team’s heattech team jerseys for the coming players to change.

players are separated into two teams,
team Mammoth and team Polar bear. the jerseys are in navy and light gray.
the players have to choose which team to fight for.


The captains of team Polar bear and team Mammoth are Shaq from the NBA hall of fame and famous sports host Rachel Damita.

After we advertising the information about the game we will open the website for people to apply for the game.
the chosen players will receive a package of a snowball in a frozen bag and a letter of invitation.