Bikes aren't the fastest mode of transportation.
But that's a good thing.

The Slowest Bike Give-Away


Slow and steady wins the camouflaged bike in the bushes.

Explore Slowly


Google Bike View


Google Street View is great, but you can see so much more with Bike View.

As one of the classic Bicycle brands, Schwinn has a hard time targeting the millennia generations. 

According to research and statistics, the millennials are more conscious about collective well-being and environmental issues, most of the millennials spend more time on fast-paced internet than blue light screens.

My partner and I developed the concept " Explore Slowly" to encourage millennials to take some time out of the rapid-paced life, to embrace the beauty of the world. Spend less time "traveling" in a car, spend more time observing the sceneries, absorbing the sun, and feeling the breezes.