Bridges the Generations

Jinro Soju


In order to execute our idea through nice looking lens, we gathered a team with the professionals.

Jinro Soju is the common middle ground for all generations. 

Age Discount


We'll promote cross-generation soju shots by offering a discount based on the age gap in a party.

1999 - 1967 = 33% discount.


Get to know them better.

As some drinks that are relatively new on the US bar tables, Jinro Soju desperately needs a better positioning to stand out.


Soju In Korean culture, soju is a drink shared by family, my partner and I got inspired by its cultural background.


Jinro Soju is not too light or strong(usually around 16 degrees).

We want to introduce it as a lifestyle that people from different generations use it to make friends with each other.