“MUKKBANG!” Presented by Lil Cherry & Jito Mo Produced by SeaJack On D3ck Special Thanks to @slayrizz aka The Slayasian Mutha

🎬Filmed in New York & Seoul

📍New York

Director & Stylist @kat.kuo AC @adelawagner

Editors Harry Wang @kat.kuo @david_yang_world @yvngwing94 Cinematography @doraxychen @yvngwing94 Gaffer @srivaclangg Production Assistants @distance.of.moon @jay_emcee @dzz.cl Special Effects @david_yang_world

Special Starring💋 @slayrizz @jaded.nat @chelsea_chiaki @jay_emcee @oliveashes


Main Cinematographer & Editor @yvngwing94 Stylist & Makeup @yarntogo Hair @saragagoitda

Special Starring💋 @pieboy3.14 @kozibaby @changyunflug @kazu_du @yamadaofficial @supertrendyboy @8ad8lood02 @deepblueplace @numvlue @jeffreypointerr @jeonhonwon @thomasaqnx @tora.vilda

One morning I got a phone call, two rappers needed to make an experimental and crazily graphical music video about Mukkbang, live eating show.


This is the correct way to share your food.

I hopped on this project as an art director and a motion graphic designer. 


I started with making mood boards and drawing down storyboards.

Following the mood board, I was able to draw done some ideas in this video that could really exaggerate the graphics in the video.